6 Ways To Use Social Media To Boost Your Summer Sales


The summeris almost here! To help you make the most of the summer heat, we’re giving you six ideas on how you can leverage social media to drive sales.

1. Increase your posting cadence

More impressions = more potential sales.

2. Create Shoppable Content

Use our AiBUY technology to create a social driven shoppable page on your blog, social channels or anywhere else you can think. Keep your content relevant by making sure the products are updated and in-stock during the high volume shopping season.

Pro Tip: Add the link to your Social profilesand bio’s so followers can easily shop all of your posts.

3. Publish guides on your channels

Promote your guides wherever and whenever possible! Keep these fresh and exciting. Remember, not every post should be a shopping experience. People want to interact with people so we recommend you have some guides on off-shopping topics. For example, “5 reasons to hike” or “A guide to becoming a better you – start with just being a positive person.”

4. Add links to all your Social posts

Any type of media (Photo or Video) posts perform best on this channel, and by linking to your stores, followers can shop every product all in one place.

5. Create content for Pinterest

Turn your looks or products into shoppable interactions and share to multiple relevant boards to generate the most impressions and increase direct revenue.

6. Utilize top summer hashtags

Use trending hashtags to help boost your audience’s shopping and searching mindset.


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