Building the Future of Content Commerce

AiBUY Labs is our innovation stream, where we test out new and innovative ideas for potential solutions to radically transform enterprise clients Content Commerce strategy with startup speed and enterprise scale.

Shoppable Augment Reality

At AiBUY, our expertise in interactive media visualization and experiences, like augmented and virtual reality, and other emerging technologies, including advanced computer vision, spatial computing and machine learning, enable AiBUY to solve challenges in entirely new ways.


Focus on Video Improvements Through 5G

Through this lab we aim to reinvent eCommerce, creating a unified shopping experience through video across mobile, desktop, and brick-and-mortar stores.


Integrate With Custom CRM’s and More…

Here we work to integrate many existing ecosystems end-to-end and then evolve them, adapting to the rapidly changing digital landscape.\

We believe the future of Content Commerce is truly AiBUY. Our proprietary tech makes it easy and scalable. Through our Innovation Lab we will do two things: 1) work on innovative new eCommerce innovations and 2) partner closely with large brands that really want a uniquely tailored experience for their end consumer.” ~Kris Nickell, SVP of Marketing & Sales

AiBUY Press

Digital marketing and omni-channel tips and best practices for reaching more consumers through unique interactive media experiences.

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