AiBuy: A Facebook/Instagram Alternative

Forward-thinking brands choose AiBuy over Facebook and Instagram

Facebook and Instagram may be great ways you reach social media users, but their reach is limited to their networks, and their focus is not interactive shoppable video. That means a clunkier experience for users, and for customers.

With AiBUY, you can reach all of those Facebook and Instagram users and provide them with an outstanding shopping experience in their choice of social media environment. We’ll also help you create customized, professional-quality shoppable media and offer real-time analytics that give you the data you need to reach higher. Our focus on content commerce is your advantage over your competitors, and your best entrance to the world of interactive social media shopping.

AiBUY vs Facebook and Instagram: A Side-by-Side Comparision

Seamless IntegrationProduct listing requirements
Share shoppable media on any platformLess eCommerce platforms to choose from
Professional tools and insightsHave to create shoppable video on your own

How Does AiBUY Outperform Facebook and Instagram?

A Focus on Content

Social media users focus on content, so we do, too.

Professional Tools and Insights

Want to create a shoppable video on Facebook or Instagram? You’re on your own. Not so with AiBUY. Our user-friendly admin portal provides the tools to create shoppable videos in just minutes. You don’t even have to be a video wiz: We’ve got that covered for you.

Our admin portal does even more. It offers a data visualization dashboard that provides a wealth of analytics and full transparency into your performance. You’ll be able to create real-time visualizations, connect and combine data from different campaigns, and send data back to your source systems—all from one easily accessible portal. If you want to access similar reports from Facebook and Instagram, you’ll need to go through Google analytics.

More Platforms

With AiBUY, you can share shoppable media on any platform-and your viewers can too. And we do mean any platform, including over-the-top (OTT) providers that include:

Reasons to Choose AiBUY

If you’re looking to leverage the potential of social media shopping, you need to look beyond social media platforms. Look instead for a content commerce partner that can reach and engage potential customers while giving you the tools to create professional interactive shoppable media and analyze data for continuous improvement. Choose a partner that makes it easy for you and a pleasure for your customers; that increases your ROI and sends your conversions through the roof. Choose AiBUY.

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