Frequently Ask Questions

AiBUY has over 10 years of experience and are industry visionaries and experts for Content Commerce aka Shoppable Content. In fact, we have over 50+ global patentswith some dating back shortly after YouTube was started. Talk about early to the game!! We are much more than just the tech you buy off the shelf, though we can be that for some.

If you accept international, we accept international.

We currently integrate with Apple Pay, Google Pay and Stripe with many more on the way. If you need a particular integration just reach out and we’ll try to make it happen.

At the moment this FAQ was written we integrated with Shopify/Shopify Plus, Salesforce Commerce Cloud / DemandWare, Adobe / Magento.
We also have a very interesting story about Salesforce. As the sales guy about that.
Soon, we will be integrated with other platforms like Elastic Path, BigCommerce, Episerver, and VTEX.
We also have the capability of integrating with other platforms as well so just ask us how?

AiBUY filed some of our earliest patents in January of 2008 and have since been granted over 50 other patents directly related to shoppable content. Shortly after being founded we started working with some of the largest companies making videos shoppable.

With our easy to use admin portal you could take one of your videos and in 5 minutes make it completely interactive and shoppable.

Yes, the same proprietary technology that we use to make videos interactive and shoppable can be used for images…and yes, it would only take 5 minutes.

We integrate with YouTube, Vimeo and other major video platforms. We can support almost any video player, even your custom players. It’s just a matter of a simple testing phase to make sure it works properly. AiBUY does have our own video player as well so we have you covered.

Yes, you certainly can. We have a robust Data Visualization platform that provides those types of meaning insights to you.

When checking outusing the AiBUY platform, shipping and tax are integrated to the eCommerce platform of choice and will automatically populate based on that platforms settings.

Yes. Of course. We use a token-based system which means we never see any of your customers data. We provide a safe and secure experience in which we pass along that sensitive data directly to you. AiBUY utilizes the most secure technology and procedures available. AiBUY is a PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) Compliant Service Provider. This is the highest level of security we can be. We do not collect any personal information. We also use industry-standard SSL (“Secure Socket Layer”) encryption technology, a secure server, and other physical and procedural safeguards to protect the security of such information as: personal information and billing information.

Once you see an item that you want to purchase, simply click on the button that says, “Add to Bag” (or something of that affect). To check out, click on the shopping cart at the top of the screen. From there all you need to do is pay with Google Pay or Apple Pay. If you don’t use those, just fill out your shipping, billing and payment info and you’re done! Simple as that.

If you charge sales tax, then yes. If you don’t then…you get the point.

Whatever usually happens. No, seriously. Whatever your current order confirmation processes are, they would be followed within our technology also.

We currently integrate with Apple Pay, Google Pay and Stripe with many more on the way. If you need a particular integration just reach out and we’ll try to make it happen.