Connect and empower your business with data and insights

AiBUY offers a complete suite of data visualizations for real-time analytics. We are also exploring predictive insights as it pertains to contextually relevant content performance.


Connect and combine data from campaigns


Create real-time visualizations and enable your teams to find new insights.


Connect data from anywhere in the organization

Link, merge, and access your data with other systems.

  • Connect live data from all your cloud platforms using our API
  • Ingest data from other systems, flat files, or proprietary systems
  • Send data from AiBUY back to your source systems with bi-directional connectors.
  • Query data directly from where it’s hosted with data federation, so your sensitive data doesn’t need to leave your firewall.

Transform and normalize your data

Unify data from various systems with a custom integration at various datapoints.

  • Visually sequence and define data sources and actions to combine and enhance your data, with no SQL expertise required.
  • Quickly join MySQL, Redshift, CSV, Excel, and hundreds of other data sources.
  • Keep your data current by automatically applying logic every time your dataset is updated.
  • Write custom queries and data science actions directly in Domo.

Get immediate insights

Visualize data from across campaigns to make it actionable, so you can get to insights faster.

  • Get real-time views of your data with fast page loads
  • Customize your content strategy with helpful data to guide those decisions
  • See the same KPIs on any device, with our mobile & web responsive dashboard
  • Advanced Geolocation Analytics

Make better decisions.

Use analytics to stay one step ahead of your business and your competitors.

  • Ask questions about your data in natural language and get an instant response with text bots.
  • Get automatic insights with deep learning and descriptive statistics module that continuously monitors your data to show correlations, summaries, and more.

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