Hot Spots, Cue Points and Link Outs

AiBUYs proprietary technology allows for consumers to blend content with commerce naturally. Giving consumers the opportunity to interact or shop products, access entertainer and actor bios or athlete stats, more directly on their preferred devices


Our scalable platform allows for a nonintrusive viewing experience without consumers feeling as if they are being advertised to.

It’s an embeddable cart that turns any video, image or web article into a native shoppable experience, which enables purchases directly.

It allows consumers to make purchases without leaving the confines of their content. It also can be video or text-based and applied to digital, social or linear.



Hot Spots

Designated product references anywhere on the video content


Cue Points

Highlight specific products or info within the timeline of the video


Link Out

Link to specific landing pages to control affiliate revenue, control and drive sales traffic while owning much more of the branding experience

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