Yes, it’s your brand and your reputation so,

Let us fully monetize your entertainment

There’s no offseason for sports and entertainers. Using AiBUY’s Content Commerce platform gives you the ability to take your great content and make it interactive and shoppable. The second screen experience is becoming more common and utilizing our technology in those environments gives you the ability to increase revenue through merch sales.

Video results in consumption, engagement and retention









Build immersive experiences that encourage deep dives

Imagine a world where you, as a consumer, could “test drive” more than just products, but actual experience them, before you buy.

  • Increase subscriptions
  • Exclusive stat finding
  • Social channels in building their fanbases and capitalizing on brand opportunities
  • A platform that drives more views
  • guides your content strategy
  • makes your content more profitable

Incentivize audience identification and interaction

Build seamless omnichannel experiences across multiple touchpoints with shoppable content. For the consumers, it’s not just shopping – it’s a brand experience.

  • Personalize the content experience
  • Better data
  • Leverage social accounts of top talent to boost engagement and direct sales

Take care of business to business

Maximize your media investment. Create interactive experiences – captivate current and prospective customers with customizable engagement experiences that drive interactivity with your brand and capture customer sentiment in real-time

  • Better content marketing opportunities
  • Interesting sponsorship opportunity
  • Disruption free to the consumer

Increase video engagement and audience retention across all devices in real-time Icon Sets

  • Increase ticket sales
  • Increase viewer ratings
  • Increase Merch Sales

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