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Integrate our interactive content easily through simple APIs to leverage paid search, display and social media. AiBUYs technology will give you the ability to have more engaging advertising without someone knowing they’re being advertised to.



Monetize your content more than once, making every photo and video shoppable through web, mobile, app, and social



Promote brands through shoppable media to increase conversion



Interactive media sees higher click-through and engagement amongst any other format


Easy Peazy

All you need to do is copy + paste a code snippet into your website to add a native experience


Yes, it’s your brand and your reputation so,

Let us fully monetize your online content

AiBUY’s eCommerce tech drives results. Make your media more interactive to keep users on your website and deliver higher ROI for your Content Commerce revolutionizes marketing efforts by removing the one barrier that matters – leaving the content. With our patented technology consumers never have to leave the content to add items to cart or even purchase. Hosting the checkout means you have the data to support the ROI. The consumer journey is frictionless with minimal clicks to increase conversion.


Stay in the spotlight

Place Ads natively in content that users actually enjoy and receive better exposure to a larger community.


Right publishers

Promote products with the help of publishers and influencers that communicate with target audience.


High Engagement

Use inspiring advertising formats that users enjoy, getting the attention it deserves.


Increase in time spent in video


Higher purchase intent


Increased click-through rate


Increase in products added to cart


More memorable than traditional video

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