Influencer Content Commerce


AiBUY allows your audience to shop items from your collection without ever leaving the experience. Directly shopping your content without interruption.

Shoppable videocould be shared across all your influencers social channels and their shoppers are begging for this experience.

(Enter in some type of interactive shoppable video) (Maybe Soul of Nomad)

Why you will ♡ this one-stop shopping tool

Gain a New Revenue Stream.

You’ll earn more direct sales from purchases made through shoppable video.

Grow Your Newsletter List.

Enable “Led Gen Form” and create a custom prompt. You can download the list of signups from your dashboard as a .CSV file or even import into other CRM, email marketing tools or third-party apps.

Expand the Impact of Your Content.

Move beyond simple views and meaningless likes by creating an experience your consumers will love.

Extend Your Conversion Window.

Allow consumers to save and shop later. You can improve your post-click conversion by up to 40%.

How it works:

When visitors interact with shoppable content a nonintrusive item will appear for sale or marked for learning more about it. They could add products to a cart or, if it’s a newsletter prompt, they can signup!


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