AiBUY: A KERV Alternative

Forward-thinking Brands Choose AiBUY over KERV

Content commerce is the future of business, and AiBUY makes it simple for your customers, and your business. Customers get a remarkable shopping experience in a social media environment, and you get a platform so user-friendly that you can add shoppable content to your video in just minutes. Yes, minutes. After all, you don’t want to waste time. The future of business is waiting.

AiBUY vs KERV: A Side-by-Side Comparision

50+ patentsLess features and integrations
More viewing platforms in more industriesIn a limited number of industries
10+ years in businessFounded in 2014

How Does AiBUY Outperform KERV?

We Don’t Take the User Away from the Content

Viewers are drawn to content for, well, the content. They don’t want to be whisked away and have to backtrack to pick up where they left off.

AiBUY ’s shoppable video technology allows users to do a bit of editorial shopping without taking them away from the content they came for in the first place. It’s a much friendlier experience, less like a hard sales pitch, and more like coming across a fabulous shop that stocks exactly what they wanted.

The Most User-Friendly Interface on the Planet

AiBUY makes your customer’s user experience simple, friendly, and quietly persuasive. Your experience with AiBUY will be just as good. Our technology makes you look great, and our admin portal makes your job remarkably simple. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to add shoppable content to one of your videos.

And though we actually haven’t inventoried every user-interface on the entire planet, we’re pretty sure you’ll agree that ours is the best one around.

50+ Patents and Counting

Why should you care about our patents? It’s simple. If we’re at the leading edge of content commerce, your business will be, too.

AiBUY never stops learning, exploring and developing new ways to make headless commerce better (shoppable augment reality, for example). We’ve got the best brains in the business working for us, and the patents to prove it.

Reasons to Choose Aibuy

AiBUY offers innovation, data that helps you make good business and marketing decisions, and simply the best shoppable video technology available. We are the future of commerce. Join us.

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