People aren't GOING shopping, they're ALWAYS shopping.

AiBUY brings an untapped revenue stream to market by offering an in-content shopping solution, providing an edge in saturated markets and emphasizing the smart diversification of revenue channels, while offering more transparency than conventional ad methods.

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Traditional advertising has become oversaturated and becoming increasingly ineffective. A staggering 80% of ad dollars poured into conventional marketing yield results that are not only suboptimal but also untrackable. Companies that diversify their revenue streams with in-content shopping will have more opportunity for growth than those who do not.

Shoppable media enables brands to connect more personally to their audience. By redefining how brands communicate, AiBUY offers better attribution & targeting compared to traditional ad formats. We don’t just engage; we meet the audience in their personal digital domain, ensuring that shoppable content is not only effective but creates a more intimate relationship with consumers.

AiBUY brings seamless integration with any
online content.

The AiBUY suite of shoppable media tools boosts sales revenue and customer engagement through the power of interactive media. From photo and video editorials to FAST entertainment and everything in between, AiBUY unlocks new and increased revenue while future-proofing your business for the new era of content-centric commerce.






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