AiBUY: A MikMak Alternative

Forward-thinking brands choose AiBuy over MikMak

If content is king when it comes to online business, then content commerce is emperor of the world (or at least content’s CFO). After all, making content shoppable just makes sense, to video users and to companies. Viewers get a chance to buy what their favorite celeb is wearing, choose products that catch their interest, or learn more about an individual, service, or event. And businesses get a chance to improve their ROI, by 10x.

But if you want headless commerce to work for your company, you have to select your technology partner wisely. You need to choose AiBUY.

AiBUY vs MikMak: A Side-by-Side Comparision

Seamless IntegrationVideos aren’t truly interactive
Friendly editorial shopping experienceLinks out to retailers
Makes content shoppableMakes advertising shoppable

How Does AiBUY Outperform MikMak?

MikMak Makes Advertising Shoppable. AiBUY Makes Content Shoppable.

Sure, interactive advertising is cool, but let’s go back to “content is king.” Why is that? Because viewers want to be entertained or informed. They seek out content that appeals to them. While MikMak can make your advertising shoppable, we can make any video shoppable, from sport publications to digital fashion magazines. It’s the difference between customers clicking on a known brand and finding something cool within content they are already interested in. That’s why shoppable media increases ROI so dramatically.

MikMak Links Out to Retailers. AiBuy Creates a Non-Intrusive Viewing

Why would viewers want to leave the content they came for? Would you rather watch a show interrupted by commercials, or one where you have control of the remote? By linking out to retailers, MikMak forces viewers to choose between what they’re watching and where they can buy products. AiBUY doesn’t do that. Instead, we create a seamless editorial shopping experience where viewers can make purchases without ever leaving their content.

MikMak’s Videos Aren’t Truly Interactive. AiBUY’s are.

MikMak provides clickable retailer links. AiBUY’s shoppable video technology allows interaction with video in a variety of ways:

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AiBUY recognizes the power of shoppable content, and we do it right, with innovation (50 patents and counting), informative and easily accessible data, and simply the best shoppable video technology available. In short, we make content commerce work for you.

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