AiBUY Launches AiBUY Labs – Innovation Lab for brands going all in on Content Commerce


DALLAS, TX—AiBUY has announced today AiBUY Labs, deepening its commitment to cutting edge innovation in the interactive technology space. In collaboration with brands, we will work together to foster new consumer facing products, services and experiences as it pertains to Content Commerce.

As telecom giants like AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon continue to invest heavily into 5G efforts new consumer experience will be more readily available and we are the partners to have for your 5G Content Commerce strategy.

“AiBUY Labs is more than a technology incubator leveraging our extensive IP for interactive media and video, but also a dream factory for us to create, in conjunction with brands, the experiences their consumers have come to expect,” said Director of Sales, Kris Nickell. “For larger companies they often want to tailor their experience to their specific consumers,and we work closely with them to give them access to our technology and moldit to how they see fit.”

Using thecutting-edge technology from AiBUY, our partners will be able deliver experiences that will change eCommerce forever.

By working closely with companies,they will be able to combine the latest in 5G technology with immersive content commerce experiences and cutting-edge interactive content capabilities. The AiBUY Lab will be a space where we co-develop, create and inspired to push the boundaries of shopping and interactive entertainment.All powered bythe first scalable SaaS company with patents in interactive and shoppable media.

AiBUY’s commitment to the Lab’s ability to revolutionize the overall customer experience includes advertising as well.Storytelling and Content are synonymous. Part of that experience is how the content is enjoyed, including advertising. AiBUY Labs is a critical part of our testing and learning as we begin rolling out innovative advertising opportunities for new clients.

“The great thing about AiBUYs platform is that we leverage MACH technologies. Every part of our tech stack is built in a “headless” manner. Meaning we have a completely microservice based architecture with open APIs and SDKs to be flexible with our client’s current tech stack,” said Ryan Scott, CTO, AiBUY.

The innovations will include AR/VR, advanced machine learning and various other opportunities like custom UI/UX experiences to make content marketing Matter.

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