AiBUY launches BUYLiVE – enables shopping during live event broadcasts


AiBUY, the company with proprietary technology for shoppable media, extends their proprietary platform to the first scalable SaaS solution for shoppable live events.

The BUYLiVE product is ideal for use in the retail, online media, influencer and sports & entertainment industries. It enables consumers to purchase products or interact with elements securely through the live video broadcast without ever having to leave the event. By enabling an interactive and shoppable live event companies can now, more than ever, fully monetize their live events. With a direct eCommerce integration, customers will be able to add merchandise or even future event tickets to their cart seamlessly within the experience.

Speaking of checkout capabilities, the BUYLiVE product integrates directly with payment gateways like Stripe, Apple Pay and Google Pay for a more native checkout experience.

In addition to a direct sales path for products, AiBUYs technology can also distribute various data points like player statistics for the sports industry or unique content info for music artists.

What also makes AiBUYs platform very unique is its microservice architecture. They can integrate easily into other platforms like DMPs, CMS, and CRM solutions to utilize data to its fullest.

The BUYLiVE product is already available through an integration to YouTube Live. In the coming weeks, AiBUY plans to roll out further integration with their inhouse AiBUY player along with other 3rd party video platforms.


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