AIBUY AT SportPro Madrid 2023:

The future of sports media starts now!

We're happy to share that #AiBUY is gearing up for SportPro Madrid 2023! As we embark on this journey, our foremost objective is to connect, engage, and explore potential collaborations.

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If you're attending SportPro Madrid 2023, we'd love to chat about how we can synergize our endeavors and push the boundaries of what's possible in our industry.

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We're eager to share our insights, learn from yours, and envision a brighter, more connected future together.

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AiBUY Team

Dalaney Thompson

Vice President & Head of Strategic Partnerships at AiBUY

Olga Plakhova

Sr. Account Executive at AiBUY

Robert Phillips

Senior Account Executive at AiBUY

Randy Bapst

Chief Executive Officer at AiBUY

Ilnur Ayupov

COO, Global Operations and Business Development Manager at AiBUY

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