AiBUY: A Wirewax Alternative

Forward-thinking brands choose AiBUY over Wirewax

The world is moving faster than ever, and so is business. You need to stay at the forefront to stay competitive. How can AiBUY help? By making sure that your business offers a user experience like no other: engaging editorial shopping that melds seamlessly with the content viewers are already seeking. Our shoppable video technology will push you ahead of the competition and into the future of content commerce.

AiBUY vs Wirewax: A Side-by-Side Comparision

More ways to shopInteractive video is the main focus
Viewers stay with the contentShoppable video is not a focus
50+ patentsContent doesn’t always come first

How Does AiBUY Outperform Wirewax?

Offering More Ways to Shop

WIREWAX specializes in interactive video, but not necessarily shoppable content. That’s our strength. Our shoppable video technology allows interaction with video in a number of ways:

And of course, more ways to shop mean more sales.

Allowing the Viewer to Stay with the Content

Content commerce—that’s the correct order: content first. After all, viewers come to video to be entertained or informed. Wouldn’t you rather use shoppable video technology that honors that choice?

AiBUY’s proprietary technology allows viewers to shop without ever leaving their content. No annoying sales pitch or back-and-forth between sites, just a seamless editorial shopping experience.

Putting Your Business on the Leading Edge

How do we do that? By making sure we’re leaders in the field of headless commerce. We do that with ongoing exploration, constant invention, and radical innovation. And we’ve got proof: Over fifty patents to our name.

By staying ahead of our competition, we’ll make sure you stay ahead of yours.

Reasons to Choose AiBUY

You want a competitive edge. AiBUY can give you that, by providing an incredible, seamless content commerce experience. You can have the world’s best shoppable video technology today. Why wait?

See the future of business.

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