AiBUY: A YouTube Alternative

Forward-thinking brands choose AiBUY over YouTube

Just this summer, YouTube announced they’re adding shoppable ads to their offerings. Hmm. AiBUY’s been working with shoppable video technology since 2008. Perhaps more importantly, we focus on content commerce, rather than advertising. Why? ROI and brand loyalty increase when a video’s focus is on informative and/or entertaining content, rather than on selling. It makes sense: Which would you seek out, interesting content or a product ad?

AiBUY outstrips YouTube in other ways, too. Read on, and we think you’ll make the smart choice for your partner in shoppable video.

AiBUY vs YouTube: A Side-by-Side Comparision

Seamless content commerceNew to the industry
More viewing platformsOnly on YouTube
A great user experienceLinks out to retailers

How Does AiBUY Outperform YouTube?

More Viewing Platforms

AiBUY videos play almost anywhere you can watch. YouTube videos play on, well, YouTube. With AiBUY, your shoppable media can plan social, web, and mobile/ app platforms, and over the top (OTT). Your content can provide a full interactive experience for viewers watching:

Seamless Content Commerce

AiBUY’s patented shoppable video technology allows viewers to seamlessly interact with the products and services they’re already interested in—without taking them away from the content that brought them there in the first place. YouTube’s advertising links out to retailers, requiring more clicks and interrupting viewers, both of which decrease ROI.

Our brand of content commerce also offers more ways for customers to interact with the content, like hot spots, cue points, link outs, recommendation engines, and lead generation forms.

A Great User Experience

AiBUY’s years of experience with shoppable video technology have given us insight into the best ways to help our customers create videos and access reports, quickly and easily. AiBUY’s user-friendly admin portal offers:

  1. Connect and merge data from campaigns
  2. Crate real-time visualizations and enable your team to find new insights
  3. Send AiBUY’s data back to your source systems

You can create an interactive YouTube video, but you’ll have to do it on your own. You also can get reports, but you’ll have to go through Google analytics, again on your own.

Reasons to Choose AiBUY

Our experience gives us a competitive edge, the insight into what really works, the ability to simplify creation and reporting for the end-user, a seamless editorial shopping experience for customers, and a way to increase marketing ROI. We think our brand of content commerce offers an amazing opportunity for business, and we’d like to share it with you.

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