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AiBUY’s proprietary technology transforms the way consumers interact with media. In a world where social scrolling and video are primarily Sit & Watch we allow you to take Action.

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Frictionless Experience

Make purchases without ever leaving the content

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Interactive Shopping

Inform, entertain, and make purchasing more accessible

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Online Retail Disruption

Increase revenue through content

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Meet Consumers on Social

Share shoppable videos and images on all the most popular platforms

Content Commerce leads to a direct purchasing path

AiBUY transforms the way consumers interact with any type of media – video, images, 3D, 2D, and Augmented Reality. Merging commerce with media, we work with brands to make online shopping and interactions emotional.

Integrated with Leading Technology Partners


Increase in time spent in video


Higher purchase intent


Increased click-through rate


Increase in products added to cart


More memorable than traditional video


Bringing Innovation and Disruption to eCommerce

We provide you with the flexibility needed to deliver distinctive eCommerce experiences at scale.

  • Machine Learning engine for item recognition on image and video
  • Powerful and engaging direct shopping experiences within Augmented Reality
  • Convert any media content on any webpage into a fully interactive marketplace
  • Integrated with existing payment technologies like Google Pay and Apple Pay to reduce friction
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Where We Play

AiBUY plays almost anywhere you currently watch video and we’re adding integrations daily.


Frequently Ask Questions

AiBUY filed some of our earliest patents in January of 2008 and have since been granted over 50 other patents directly related to shoppable content. Shortly after being founded we started working with some of the largest companies making videos shoppable.

With our easy to use admin portal you could take one of your videos and in 5 minutes make it completely interactive and shoppable.

Yes, the same proprietary technology that we use to make videos interactive and shoppable can be used for images…and yes, it would only take 5 minutes.

We integrate with YouTube, Vimeo and other major video platforms. We can support almost any video player, even your custom players. It’s just a matter of a simple testing phase to make sure it works properly. AiBUY does have our own video player as well so we have you covered.


Read What People
are Saying

“Over the last few months I’ve really had to think about scaling my business – how can I be in many places at once. I’ve moved my workout and personal training classes online. Leveraging the AiBUY tech will allow viewers to directly purchase packages, exercise equipment I’m affiliated with and at home guides directly from my digital classes.”

Meri T.

Fitness Influencer

“Commerce-enabled video has been talked about for years now, but no one has been able to provide a solution that is engaging for the user and seamless for the marketer…until now! AiBUY has the best user interface I’ve seen and offers nearly endless customization from a marketers perspective that it’s a no brainer. I expect several of my clients to integrate AiBUY because it easily integrates awareness and conversion campaigns. That’s a game changer!”

Michelle L.

Former Marketing VP, Time Inc and NBA

"AiBUY is a game changer for the music & entertainment industry by bringing shoppable media into the hands of artists, publicists, and record labels. With minimal effort, businesses can monetize their content in other ways and that’s huge!”

Nate L.


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