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From going shopping to always shopping

In today’s world, revenue growth is tied to customer engagement. We make it easy for your audience to shop while enjoying their favorite TV shows, sports events, influencer content, and branded video content.

Create a seamless blend of entertainment and retail therapy with aibuy.


Overlay allows you to create custom shoppable experiences within your content and track the effectiveness of your campaigns on sales.

Ideal if you have content that you want to make shoppable


With our Multicart technology, you can easily create curated shopping lists for your customers and gain new insights into their activity with our analytics.

Ideal if you want to aggregate multiple products from different eCom platforms into one checkout.

Floating cart

Floating Cart can make every item on your website shoppable. Keep users on your site, and track their shopping behavior.

Ideal if you want to implement a variety of eCom integrations into your platform.


Our T-commerce solution enhances your customers’ journey by enabling them to shop effortlessly for products featured on TV screens.

Ideal if you aim to turn your viewers into buyers.

Boost your sales with interactive shoppable content and ads

Easy integration

We understand the importance of a smooth and hassle-free integration process. That’s why we’ve designed our solution with simplicity and user-friendliness in mind, ensuring that integration becomes a seamless experience for our users.

Analytics: Trackable

While the landscape of business metrics grows more intricate, we aim to deliver clear and transparent analytics.


We specialize in adapting products to your unique preferences, ensuring an unparalleled user experience tailored to your specific needs and preferences

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