About Us

Deep industry knowledge

In an oversaturated advertising ecosystem, we stand out by creating unique ad formats that cut through the noise. Our team of seasoned professionals combines deep industry knowledge with cutting-edge technology to deliver solutions that drive results. Trust in our proven track record and let us elevate your advertising strategy to new heights.

Maximum quality with great UX

We understand the challenge of balancing engaging content with effective advertising. Our team recognizes the importance of finding that perfect monetization sweet spot to achieve your desired ROI. With our innovative ad formats and expert strategies, we help you seamlessly integrate ads that enhance rather than disrupt the user experience.

Unique patented technology

At the heart of AiBUY's success lies a formidable arsenal of intellectual property, boasting an impressive portfolio of 88 active patents spanning across 35 countries. These patents serve as a testament to AiBUY's pioneering spirit, granting exclusive rights to groundbreaking "in-content" interactive shopping and checkout solutions.