Transform your ads into interactive shopping experiences

Seamlessly turn viewers into shoppers with Shoppable Item Roll.

How It Works?

3 easy steps for seamless transition from ads to purchases.
Step 1
Attention-Grabbing Elements

Engage users instantly with Item Roll featuring product images and descriptions with enticing call-to-actions.

Step 2
Easy Scan for Instant Access

Viewers effortlessly scan the QR code with their mobile devices, initiating a seamless shopping journey.

Step 3
Smooth Shopping Experience

Upon scanning, viewers are directed to their personalized shopping cart. The path to purchase is clear and straightforward, allowing them to effortlessly complete their purchase.

Capture your viewer's attention

Tailor the Item Roll to the interests and needs of your audience with interactive elements, call-to-action messages and images, ensuring maximum engagement.

Create Curated Shopping Journeys

Using dynamic redirects improves targeting and enables personalized experiences for different user groups. A mobile-first checkout ensures a seamless end-to-end purchase process.

Track Purchase Data for Valuable Insights

Monitor the purchasing flow of your viewers to gain insights into their preferences. Use these insights to enhance the effectiveness of your campaigns in the future, ensuring they drive greater engagement.

Ready to go beyond traditional media and make your sales legendary?