Whether it's video or static images, we can make your content shoppable.

Our overlay appears on selected parts of your content, enabling viewers to purchase products directly from the content without redirection.

How It Works?

Make your content stand out in just three easy steps with our Overlay Management Platform: choose the content you want to make shoppable, select the products you want to sell, and create an interactive overlay to enable shoppable functionality within your content.

We will handle the eCommerce integrations, providing a seamless experience with minimal efforts from your side.

Viewers can purchase products without leaving the content. Keep engagement high while turning viewers into shoppers.

Case Studies
In-Content Shoppable Overlay gets 16% link conversions per video for the Educational Sports Media

In a fast-changing digital world, a client saw the chance to seize direct-to-consumer opportunities. They used in-shoppable overlays in their videos to turn passive viewing into active shopping.

Sports Media Strategic Expansion grows by 10% incrementally with In-Content Shoppable Overlay

In a competitive market, staying ahead demands innovation. Our client aimed to bolster their traditional marketing efforts by integrating an additional ad format - the Overlay.

Ready to go beyond traditional media and make your sales legendary?