Introducing our interactive video ads, transforming viewers into shoppers. With our T-commerce overlay, viewers can interact with advertised products on-screen, read product details, scan QR codes, subscribe to shopping alerts, and seamlessly buy products directly from their screens. Elevate your advertising strategy and engage your audience like never before. Get started today!

How It Works?

Simply select the ad you want to make shoppable, choose the products to feature in the overlay, and select one of our T-commerce overlay options. We handle the rest, providing a seamless and full shoppable experience for your audience.

Viewers will see our interactive overlay and can dive in to explore product details. Upon scanning the QR code, they will be instantly redirected to the shopping cart with the product for an end-to-end purchasing experience. Viewers can also subscribe to shopping alerts for more.

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Gain valuable insights with our comprehensive campaign analytics. Access detailed data on viewer interactions with the overlay, understand conversion metrics from viewers to buyers, and analyze the end-to-end purchasing funnel. Unlock the power of data-driven decisions for your campaigns.

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